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3 New Backing Tracks



This is a fantastic track written and performed by the brilliant Si Cranstoun. The start of this song sounds like it’s going to be Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”, but then goes in a different direction. This was released in 2016 on Ruf Records. This backing track is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Old School backing track in the style of Si Cranstoun, in the key of E Flat

  Skinny Jim 

This track was Eddie Cochran's debut solo single coupled with “Half Loved” as it’s B side from 1956. Also written by Eddie and Jerry Capehart this is a fine rocker, Our backing track captures the excitement of the original very well. 

Skinny Jim backing track in the style of Eddie Cochran, in the key of A

   How Low Do You Feel 

“How Low Do You Feel” This is a track that is massive at any Rock n Roll weekender. As soon as it’s on the turn table it is guaranteed to get everyone stompin’ their feet and banging their glasses on the tables etc, with it’s infectious rockabilly beat driving them on.
This is a single coupled with “Texas Sands” from the great Ray Campi from 1979 

How Low Do You Feel backing track in the style of Ray Campi in the key of C

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