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Leave It As It Is

This is the 3rd backing track we have produced in the style of Orion. (Also known as Jimmy Ellis) There was a lot of speculation that this guy was actually Elvis, due to his amazing vocal ability just like the king himself.
“Leave It As It Is” is a fantastic backing track which is very close to the original and we loved producing it.  

Leave It As It Is Backing Track in the style of Orion, in the key of F

Turn My Back On You

This track is a masterpiece when it comes to British rockabilly. Released in 1960, this was included on Billy Fury’s album “The Sound Of Fury” and is thought to be the best rockabilly album ever from these shores. We hope you love this track.  

Turn My Back On You Backing Track in the key of A, in the style of Billy Fury

Step Away From The Car

Not much to say about this track, other than it's awesome.! “Step Away From The Car” in the style of the Dodge Brothers. A great rockabilly track, with an amazing driving force behind it. We had a blast recording this and we hope you have a blast singing to this backing track.  

Step Away From The Car Backing Track in the style of the Dodge Brothers, in the key of E

Baby I Don't Care

Not to be mistaken with Elvis’ song of the same name, this is one for the Ladies. This was recorded by Ruby Ann around 2014. Ok you rockabilly Girls, now go for it.   

Baby I Don't Care Backing Track, in the style of Ruby Ann, in the key of A


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