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"Sunday Father"

Here is another backing track that we finished today. This can be purchased through our website at £4.99: Sunday Father backing track, in the style of Jimmy (Orion) Ellis, in the key of C We are working on "Kickin' Up The Dust" in the style of Jackson Sloan at the moment. Whenever this is played in the [...]

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Look 2 New Backing Tracks

As promised to all the female artists out there here is: Rock The Bop backing track, in the style of Brenda Lee, in the key of D Flat This is one we have had on the back burner for a while as we have had so many backing tracks to finish off.  So here is the [...]

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One for the Ladies

One for the ladies We have been in the studio today and started work on the following backing track: "Rock The Bop" in the style of Brenda Lee This is coming along really well and should be on our website by the end of the week. Keep a look out... 

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More Senti-Mentals?

After making the backing track "Just Like Lover's Do" in the style of The Senti-Mentals, we have had a lot of interest in more backing tracks in the style of this band.  So what we plan to do is, if we get 12 or more requests for "I Know Why"  from you though our contact us form [...]

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"Do The Stroll" Now Available

NEW BACKING TRACK  After lots of requests we have now made the following backing track due to it's popular demand on the Rock 'n' Roll circuit.  Do the Stroll backing track, in the style of Danny Reno, in the key of A

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"Do The Stroll"

On Monday we are starting work on Danny Reno's "Do The Stroll".  We have had quite a few request for this track which was written by Danny Reno himself.  Here is a youtube link for you to listen to the full track.  

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3 New Backing Tracks

Here are the three new backing tracks we promised for you today.  All at £4.99 each: Ever Since You Said Goodbye To Me backing track, in the style of Marty Wild, in the key of A Little By Little backing track, in the style of Nappy Brown, in the key of F I Don't Wanna Love You backing [...]

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Just Like Lover's Do

Here is "Just Like Lover's Do" Backing Track in the style of The Senti-Mentals.  To follow shortly are:"Ever Since You Said Goodbye To Me" in the style of Marty Wild"Little By Little" in the style of Nappy Brown"I Don't Wanna Love You" in the style of Cliff RichardJust Like Lover's Do Backing Tracks, in the [...]

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"Like Lovers Do"

Tomorrow we will be putting the following backing track on our website.  Lots more coming soon too: "Just Like Lovers Do" in the style of The Senti-Mentals

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Here They Both Are!

We have now finished the two promised backing tracks. Hope you like them...Your True Love, backing track, in the style of Carl Perkins, in the key of EBim Bam Backing Track, in the style of Sam Butera, in the key of B Flat

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