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Two New Backing Tracks


Western Stars – Chris Isaak 

This is a personal favourite of ours at Rejen and if we say so, we think we have nailed this track with which is very close to the original. Chris Isaak recorded this track for his album “Silvertone” in 1985. A few years later in 1988, K.D Lang recorded it too with great acclaim. If you like Chris Isaak, then this backing track is definitely for you.

Big Fool – Ronnie Self 

If ever there was a top ten of the greatest Rockabilly songs, then this would be in the top 3. “Big Fool” by Ronnie Self. Released in 1956 on the “Columbia” label, this track features heavily at the rockabilly weekenders all over the globe, with many bands including this in their set. If you’re looking for a great rockabilly backing track, then look no further, you have found it.  

Western Stars backing track in the key of B, in the style of Chris Isaak

Big Fool backing track in the style of Ronnie Self, in the key of A

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